• Resurfaced Concrete
    Resurfaced Concrete
  • Awaken Your Concrete's Full Potential.
  • Concrete Resurfacing & Overlays

    Cover up imperfections in your existing concrete or turn your plain slab into something fabulous! With resurfaced concrete, commonly referred to as a concrete overlay, decorative concrete overlay, or concrete coating, we can give your interior and exterior concrete floors, patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, accent walls, fireplaces, and more, a full makeover at a much lower cost than removal and replacement.

    Concrete Craft is a premier concrete resurfacing company. We’ve been around for many years and have one main focus, giving customers top priority. That’s why our concrete resurfacing overlay artisans are expertly trained, and why we give unsurpassed attention to detail in all that we do.

    Our concrete resurfacing products have been designed and engineered to stand the test of time. Our exclusive MasterProTM concrete resurfacing overlay system includes performance-grade polymer and aggregate mixes for a superior product. The quality of our concrete resurfacing mixes is controlled from testing to production, ensuring that our concrete overlays will produce a smoother, stronger, more durable and long-lasting bond to your concrete surfaces.

    We also specialize in resurfaced vertical concrete overlays that can be applied over wood, drywall, brick, and concrete to create beautiful faux stone siding for your fireplaces, chimneys, retaining walls, and more. Our fiber-enriched coarse sand overlay mix creates a realistic surface that requires minimal upkeep. Our coloring system offers UV protection, and, in combination with our sealers, creates a lasting surface. 

  • Exclusive

    In addition to our “real stone" molds, we’ve developed a cutting-edge system that allows us to create a finish that simulates real stone. Our hand-cut and custom-colored approach to fabricating the stone is the envy of our industry. Each cut is shaped to have the look and feel of natural stone like flagstone, cobblestone and more.


    Resurfaced concrete can save you a great deal of money when compared to the cost of demolition and replacement of your existing concrete floors. If your concrete is in good condition, we can apply a concrete overlay with stained, stenciled, or stamped design to improve the appearance, at half the cost of other materials.

    Less Mess

    Most of our jobs go quicker and offer less mess and upheaval than new projects. All without big trucks involved to clutter up your driveway or yard! If your existing concrete is in good condition, we can repair cracks and apply a decorative resurfaced concrete overlay that improves the strength and appearance.

  • The Resurfaced Concrete Difference

    The beauty of resurfaced concrete overlays is in its versatility. Combined with our proprietary mix design, our products provide the perfect balance of functionality and style for any space.

    See why resurfaced concrete overlays, with the ease and speed of installation, have become so popular.

      Benefits of Resurfaced Concrete
    • Economical
    • Stylish Designs
    • Weather Resistant
    • Low-Maintenance
    • Added Home Value
    • Exclusive "Real Stone" Finish
    • No Big Concrete Trucks
    • Hides Existing Concrete Imperfections

  • Concrete Resurfacing Options

  • Our craftsmen offer a wide array of options when it comes to patterns and color options. Our proprietary hand cut and custom-colored approach to fabricating stone and faux stone siding allows us to emulate the look of natural rock, including flagstone and cobblestone, or choose from a variety of stamp patterns including brick and wood.

    • Hand Cut Flagstone – Custom, authentic colors
    • Ashlar Slate in Augusta Gold – Popular anywhere
    • Brick – Available in various patterns and tones
    • Hand Cut European Cobblestone – Multi-colored
    • Hand Cut Flagstone – In a popular custom color
    • Custom Stencil – Designed to mimic colored tile
    • Roman Texture Slate in Gray – A popular choice
    • Wood Plank – Designed to resemble real wood
  • Hand Cut Flagstone Multi Colored
    Ashlar Slate in Augusta Gold
    Stamped Brick Concrete Overlay
    Hand Cut European Cobblestone
  • Hand Cut Flagstone
    Custom Stenciled Stone Tile

    Roman Texture Slate in Gray
    Wood Plank Design
  • Concrete Resurfacing Vertical Options

    • European Fan – Exudes old-world charm
    • Random Sandstone – Grouted for a natural look
    • Hand-Scored Limestone – Perfect for shower stalls
    • English Cobblestone – Makes for a cozy fireplace
    • Orchard Stone – Popular faux rock siding
    • Mountain Drystack – Gorgeous for home facades
    • Hand Carved Stone – For any vertical surface
    • Hand Carved Castle Rock – Ideal on fireplaces
  • Orchard Stone
    Mountain Srystack
    Hand Carved Stone
    Hand Carved Castle Rock
  • European Fan
    Random Sandstone
    Hand-Scored Limestone
    English Cobblestone
  • Spaces

  • Resurfaced Concrete Patios


    With the growing trend to combine indoor and outdoor living, an attractive, entertainment-ready patio is a must. Decorative resurfaced concrete overlays give homeowners more patio design options than before with the look and feel of stone or stains. Not only durable, your newly resurfaced concrete patio can be custom stained, pattern stamped, or hand cut to resemble authentic stone, at half the cost of other materials.

  • Resurfaced Concrete Driveways


    Resurfacing driveways with cracks, discolorations, and surface imperfections is our specialty! Our concrete artisans can transform any driveway into a work of art with a resurfaced concrete overlay to enhance your home’s curb appeal and give you renewed pride of ownership. Whether you prefer the look of random stone, or a more traditional pattern, or brick, our driveway overlays can give your home an updated look.

  • Resurfaced Concrete Walkways


    Walkways receive a heavy amount of foot traffic and, in cold weather climates, are often treated with deicing salts in the winter, causing wear and tear on their appearance. Resurfacing your walkways with our concrete overlay, then using a faux stone stamped pattern, hand-carved flagstone design, or micro-topping with stain, is a cost-effective option for adding and restoring beauty to your walkway.  

  • Resurfaced Concrete Pool Deck

    Pool Decks

    Concrete pool decks can become unsightly after years of activity, including pool chemicals that stain and discolor concrete. Our Craftsmen can spruce up the look of your old pool deck without the hassle and expense of demolition. Using our decorative concrete overlay, we can add color, patterns, or even create the look of natural stone. Our concrete overlay products are resistant to harsh chemicals, UV rays, and can be treated with a non-slip coating.

  • Resurfaced Concrete Basement

    Basements & More

    If your basement floor is structurally sound or cracked and unsightly, the surface can be repaired, a moisture barrier applied if dampness is an issue, and a concrete overlay installed to create a fresh, newly resurfaced concrete finish. We can then custom stain, stamp, or hand-cut designs to exactly the look you want. Unlike organic flooring, our solutions do not harbor allergens or support the growth of harmful mold and bacteria so your family can breathe easier.

  • Resurfaced Hand Carved Limestone Bathroom Wall

    Walls & Fireplaces

    You can bring the beauty of stone into any space with vertical concrete resurfacing, adding texture and three-dimensional depth, without the excessive weight that real stone brings. From whole walls to decorative inserts and backsplashes, resurfaced faux stone finishes can transform your home inside and out. Give your home an updated look with our beautiful vertical resurfaced concrete designs that resemble natural rock and authentic stone, at half the cost of the real thing.  

  • Resurfaced Concrete Seat Walls and Fire Pits

    Seat Walls

    Turn your outdoor living space into an enjoyable entertaining area with our affordable, resurfaced concrete seat walls. Our talented craftsmen can install and create beautiful seating areas that resemble natural stone – at half the cost of real stone. 

  • Resurfaced Interior Commercial Concrete

    Commercial Interiors

    Our craftsmen are commercial concrete flooring experts!  We can recommend the perfect commercial flooring solutions for your business including high-profile reception areas, offices, salons, restaurants, retail buildings, and more! 

  • Resurfaced Exterior Commercial Concrete

    Commercial Exteriors

    Own your own business? Let a Concrete Craft artisan upgrade its exterior with our decorative concrete overlays designed to blend beautifully with new or existing architectural designs to complement the style of your business.

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