• Stained Concrete
    Stained Concrete
  • Rich Colors That Stay True Over Time.
  • Stained Concrete Designs

    Stained concrete has long been popular in the commercial industry due to its proven durability and versatility. Because of this and its ability to beautifully add depth to a room, concrete stain has found its way into residential design trends. With the option to use an acid-based stain or water-based acrylic, the results our Concrete Craft designers can achieve are almost limitless.

    Our MasterPro Stain™ products are a unique line of concrete stains that penetrate the concrete surface to produce a vibrant, long-lasting, UV-resistant surface, that enhances any concrete floor. It's the ideal finish for renovating concrete surfaces and giving your surroundings a unique touch. With our resurfacing and concrete staining process you can create an infinite array of designs, colors and special effects, including antiqued, variegated, mottled, a consistent monochromatic color, or stenciled on both interior and exterior surfaces.

    Unfortunately, a concrete stain cannot hide pre-existing cracks, flaws or blemishes in concrete. If your existing concrete slab has major cracks or spalling, be sure to ask about our proprietary resurfacing process over existing concrete to get your slab in tip-top shape before a stain is applied. The condition of your concrete also affects what type of concrete stain will provide the absolute best result. Concrete Craft professionals will evaluate the condition of your concrete during our free in-home/on-site consultation and, depending on its condition and your desired look, either an acid-based or water-based concrete stain will be recommended.

    Acid-based stains can breathe new life into your concrete and, because no two concrete substrates respond to the acid stain reaction the same, the results are truly one-of-a-kind. To achieve the best results, acid-based concrete stains require the concrete substrate to be in good condition and properly prepped. Damaged concrete or concrete treated with sealing agents, for example, may cause inconsistent coloring or will not allow the stain to absorb into the concrete. Concrete Craft professionals have a wealth of knowledge on what to look for and are trained to create the perfect concrete canvas to accept acid-based concrete stains.

    Water-based stains transform dull concrete surfaces into works of art. Our water-based, non-acid stains contain polymer bonding agents to permanently adhere to your existing concrete and can be applied on less-than-perfect-surfaces if they are properly prepped. Since water-based concrete stains do not chemically react to your concrete, like acid-based stains do, water-based stains give our concrete artisans the ability to adjust and blend colors for a more predictable color application that fits your home decor and personal style. Water-based stains also have the added benefit of being eco-friendly and low in VOCs. 

    Stained concrete is one of the most reasonably priced options out there, especially when you consider the low maintenance and longevity of this material. Whether you're looking for the deep tones and marbling effects of acid-based staining or the vibrancy of water-based staining, we’ll give your home a sense of uniqueness and artisan flair that is sure to make your friends and family envious. Trust Concrete Craft's expertise to ensure your concrete is prepped correctly and each stain is skillfully applied providing your home a unique, durable, beautifully stained concrete surface for the years ahead.

  • Economical

    You can expect stained concrete to be one of the best values out there. Stained concrete floors are invincible to tearing, gouging, mold and water damage. Unlike alternative floorings, such as carpet, tile, and hardwood, our work can last for decades.

    Easy Floor Care 

    Stained concrete floors require little maintenance to keep them looking like new. To keep your new concrete floors looking their best, simply clean surfaces periodically with a dry dust mop and an occasional wet mop using a neutral-pH cleaner. It’s that simple!

    Reduce Allergens

    Stained concrete floors are an excellent option for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Unlike other organic flooring options, our floors don’t harbor dust mites and other allergens and won’t support the growth of mold or bacteria so you can breathe easy.

  • The Stained Concrete Difference

    Concrete stains are one of the most affordable ways to enhance any living space. Stains have the ability to revitalize a dull concrete slab into an aesthetically pleasing floor that resembles more expensive materials like polished marble.

    See why stained concrete has become the hottest choice for interior and exterior flooring options when compared to wood, stone, linoleum, tile, carpet and more!

      Benefits of Stained Concrete
    • UV Resistant
    • Cost-Effective
    • Low-Maintenance
    • Multiple Color Effects
    • Multiple Finish Options
    • Reduce In-Home Allergens
    • Custom Stenciling Available

  • A Sampling of our Stain Colors

  • Stained concrete is one of the most sustainable exterior and interior flooring options due to its durability and low maintenance. Concrete Craft can help design and beautifully enhance your living spaces with a custom concrete stained floor unique to your style. Unlike paint that produces a solid, opaque effect, our concrete stain products offer a luxurious richness like no other. Our concrete stains can mimic anything from polished marble to natural stone!

    Our TruStain™ products are a unique line of water-based, non-acid polymer-bonded stains that penetrate into the concrete surface to produce vibrant, long-lasting UV-resistant stains that enhance any concrete surface.

    Microtoppings are the ideal finish for renovating concrete surfaces and giving your surroundings a unique touch. With our resurfacing and coloring process you can create a mottled surface by varying its color and finish. Each application is unique, done by hand, by craftsmen. Concrete Craft’s special blend of cement and high strength polymers create a smooth finish and distinctive look. Decorative effects can be created using stencils to create borders or corporate logos. The possibilities are endless. 

    • Concrete Craft Stain Colors 2018
    • Concrete Craft Stain Colors 2018 cont.
    • Spaces

    • Stained Concrete Patio


      We can achieve an endless array of decorative effects for your concrete patio using staining techniques such as faux finishing and stenciling to make your patio a unique, one-of-a-kind space for entertaining your family and friends. Our stains penetrate deeply into your existing concrete patio surfaces and produce a fade-resistant, permanent color that can be enjoyed for years to come.

    • Stained Concrete Driveways


      One of the best attributes of a stained concrete driveway is how little maintenance and routine care it will require over its lifetime. Because stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, they produce fade-resistant, permanent color that won't flake or peel. Many homeowners love the unique look of stamped concrete, but we can achieve similar decorative effects using stain alone.

    • Stained Concrete Walkways


      Some homeowners prefer to keep their walkways simple by choosing just one stain color that complements their home or landscape. For others who prefer more pizazz, we can apply multiple stain colors to create a custom look that mimics the appeal of natural flagstone or cobblestone. Unlike paints or coatings, stain won't flake off or peel, which is ideal for high traffic walkways exposed to the elements.

    • Stained Concrete Pool Deck

      Pool Decks

      Color is one of the best ways to beautify your concrete pool deck. Tan and light brown stains are a popular choice among homeowners because they allude to the look of sand, and they reflect direct sunlight to keep your deck cooler. To give your non-slip pool deck a more distinctive look, consider using dark walnut or brown stain and adding a decorative stamp pattern to further upgrade the look.

    • Stained Concrete Basement Floor

      Basements & More

      Basements that are transformed into additional living space can greatly increase the value of a home. Staining your interior concrete floors, including basements, offices, kitchens and bathrooms, is an economical and versatile way to upgrade your living spaces. We offer a variety of colorful or natural stain variations that add character and unique mottling effects to create unique floors.

    • Stained Concrete Commercial Building Floor

      Commercial Flooring

      Stained concrete is a popular option for exterior and interior commercial floors because it provides large areas of flooring with rich, vibrant color that is highly durable and easy to maintain. Our wide selection of stained concrete color options and various application techniques can be designed to complement existing hardscapes, architecture, and the interior designs of your business.

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