Polished Concrete Flooring

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Polished Concrete Flooring

Concrete Craft understands that proper preparation is required to get the best results— and our trained professionals know how to deliver a lower-maintenance, high-gloss surface on new or existing concrete. We bring decades of combined experience and valued industry certifications to safeguard your job will be done right, and finished having a long-lasting lifetime.

Why Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is the ultimate high-luster, no-wax flooring option for retail, warehouses, commercial facilities, restaurants and office spaces. Our professionals polish concrete floors to boost the benefits of long lasting beauty. The appeal of this low maintenance, long-lasting flooring surface includes functional, ecological and economical benefits including:

  • Polishing makes your concrete much harder.
  • It’s actually less slippery than any tile or coating.
  • No more moisture-related flooring failures!
  • Provides increased ambient light efficiency.
  • Dust proofs your concrete!
  • Resists staining!
  • No more waxing or stripping either!
  • No more tire marks!
  • The value and maintenance savings are amazing!
  • It's green!

Process & Benefits

For the best results on a polished concrete surface, the first step of surface preparation is essential. Proper preparation of the concrete surface, whether on newer pours or existing concrete floor, is key to the polished high-luster result that is desirable in polished concrete floors. Concrete Craft ® offers multiple packages to ensure that your concrete is prepared properly and delivers the final result required for your job.

Select from:

  • Grind + Seal - A higher level of shine and more stain resistance at a lower cost.
  • Grind Stain / Dye & Seal - Customize the tone of your concrete from our library of color stain options. For both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Polish - A surface that is easy to clean and won’t harbor dust, dirt, allergens. For a more natural, high-luster finish with less maintenance and longer service life.

RestoreKoat Guide

Concrete Craft provides an economical solution to restore and repair damaged concrete without demolition or replacement.

Interior Design Guide

Your options to customize your interior spaces with color, design, and realistic faux finishes are virtually limitless.

Product Catalog

Our MasterPro concrete refinishing systems for interior and exterior spaces offer options from repair and restoration to gorgeous decorative concrete finishes in stained, stamped, and resurfaced concrete.