Resurfaced Concrete Driveways

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Driveway Resurfacing

Your driveway is a major contributor to your home’s curb appeal and offers a wide range of benefits when kept well maintained. Keeping your concrete driveway maintained can be difficult, as few outdoor areas are subject to as much wear and tear as your driveway. Driveways are not only exposed to changing outside conditions, but they bear the heavy burden of your car or truck. A properly maintained concrete driveway can last 25-30 years, while a poorly maintained concrete driveway can reduce your home’s curb appeal, create unsightly cracks, produce moisture problems, pose safety risks, and eventually cause foundation issues.

You have many options when deciding how to renovate your existing concrete driveway. You may think it’s easier to tear up that cracked, oil-soaked slab and start fresh. Or, you could ditch the concrete and opt for a gravel driveway, but this will only lead to dust-ups, chipped paint and windshields, and a noisy, unsteady surface. The most viable option is Concrete resurfacing that covers up stains and fills in cracks, giving your existing concrete driveway a newly resurfaced, beautiful, and durable surface. Resurfacing an existing concrete driveway is not only cheaper but will improve your driveway’s look and sustainability. Our proprietary concrete driveway overlay process is more durable than stonework, and half the cost.

Resurfacing Concrete Driveways with Concrete Craft

Concrete has always been a favored material for driveways due to its durability and low-maintenance requirements. Eventually, concrete driveways can deteriorate, causing moisture issues, spalling, and cracks. During your free in-home consultation, Concrete Craft® professionals test the condition of your existing concrete driveway to ensure its structural integrity and address any non-structural cracks that need repair. Unfortunately, not all existing concrete meets our standards for a concrete overlay, but for those driveways that do, concrete resurfacing opens up a world of decorative concrete driveway ideas.

Why Concrete Craft?

First impressions matter and your driveway is typically the first impression your home makes, so why not make it a good one? Concrete Craft believes that function can come with beauty, and still be affordable.

Our driveway resurfacing process will add an immediate “wow” factor to your home and save you the time and money that comes with consistently maintaining the integrity of your untreated concrete driveway against time and weathering. Contact Concrete Craft today and let us create a driveway you’ll be proud of as well as love its durability and low-maintenance requirements.

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