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  • Your time spent in the area around the pool should be just as relaxing as your time spent in the pool. Concrete Craft’s pool deck resurfacing provides a way to rejuvenate your concrete pool deck without draining your bank account. Old, worn out pool decks can be resurfaced using our proprietary concrete pool deck overlays that can complement or contrast with existing surroundings.

    Pool Deck Resurfacing Ideas

    Nothing can dampen a summer more than making your pool inaccessible with a complete teardown of the deck. Entertaining is not an option when you have a demolished lounging area. Fortunately, our decorative concrete pool overlays go over your existing pool deck, avoiding costly demolition and replacement.

    Concrete Craft’s custom hand-cut approach emulates the look of natural stone and pavers. Our pool deck resurfacing options are almost limitless, including designs such as:

    • Authentic flagstone - A durable step stone that is as sturdy as it is beautiful.
    • Brick - Not the most common choice, but brick pool decks come in a variety of colors and patterns.
    • Sandstone - A natural stone with quartz grains that is both non-slip and elegant. 
    • Roman slate - The surface of choice by Caesar Palace in Las Vegas.
    • Any other combination you can think of! 

    Plus, our assorted pallet of custom-colored finishes can either create an area that blends with the existing surroundings or pops as a contrasting oasis.

    Benefits of Choosing Concrete Craft

    Resurfaced concrete not only looks fresh, but is exceptionally durable. Our pool deck resurfaces are designed to resist damage from constant water exposure, harsh pool chemicals, and abrasive elements. While you may need to apply sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays, you won’t need to apply anything to your deck, as the surface will maintain its new look with our UV protective coating.

    Our overlays are not only durable and beautiful, but also safer than traditional concrete or a wooden deck. You and your guests will remain more sure-footed around the pool thanks to our overlay’s slip-resistant surface. Contact Concrete Craft at (866) 813-3699 today to learn how you can make a big splash with a new decorative concrete pool deck.

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