Resurfaced Concrete Patios

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How can we help take your concrete spaces to the next level?

While you’ve been maintaining the look and beauty of your home’s initial exterior, you may have neglected the back patio. The house’s front may greet your guest, but it is on the back patio where you’ll be entertaining them.

Concrete Craft’s patio resurfacing allows you to transform your rear patio into an area you’ll be proud to show off. Our concrete patio resurfacing gives your otherwise dull slab of cement an exciting makeover without the need to demolish the existing concrete. Our streamlined proprietary processes and techniques not only save you time but also money.

Patio Resurfacing Ideas

Our unique rubberized polymer overlays can be crafted in a variety of styles and are engineered to resist damaging UV exposure and freeze-thaw conditions. Extend the look and feel of your interior hardwood floors outside with a wood plank overlay so your patio looks like a real wood deck, or dramatically change the space with old world flair by choosing a simple Roman slate texture in gray. Other custom design options include:

  • Flagstone
  • Cobblestone
  • Random Stone

Better yet, all of the possibilities look authentic. You can also enjoy your patio without the constant care that real wood or stone entails. Gone are the afternoons spent weeding in-between pavers in the summertime, or sanding and resealing your wood patio before the upcoming winter, so say good-bye to splinters and rough, abrasive surfaces and pesky weeds!

Natural elements cannot only severally damage real wood and stonework, but cost you more money and time in repairs and maintenance. Your concrete overlay patio will be ultra-durable and look new for years to come.

Why Should You Choose Concrete Craft for Your Patio Makeover?

Whether you have put off redoing your back patio because of cost, or due to the fact that undergoing a project would keep you from enjoying a summer barbecue, there is no faster way to achieve a new look than with Concrete Craft.

We consider all projects, no matter the size. Learn more about your patio resurfacing options today.

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Concrete Craft provides an economical solution to restore and repair damaged concrete without demolition or replacement.

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Our MasterPro concrete refinishing systems for interior and exterior spaces offer options from repair and restoration to gorgeous decorative concrete finishes in stained, stamped, and resurfaced concrete.