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See how decorative concrete stands up against alternative hardscape and flooring options.

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Transform Your Living Spaces with Decorative Concrete

We offer hand-crafted concrete resurfacing, including stamping and staining, and concrete repair at half the cost of other materials. And because most projects are a concrete overlay over existing concrete, jobs go quicker, with a lot less mess and upheaval. When you’re ready to transform your space, choose the people with experience as solid as the materials we use. Choose Concrete Craft.

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Concrete Craft of Twin Cities SW

We stand behind our work and raise the bar on excellence by providing our clients with quality one-of-a-kind decorative concrete solutions. We treat our clients like family and enjoy being a part of transforming their homes inside and out!

- John & Kelly Whitaker, Owner

“You don’t have to settle for what’s “available” at home improvement stores,” says John Whitaker, owner of Concrete Craft Twin Cities SW. “Custom floors, walls, and fireplaces mean you can have what you actually want vs learning to live with what someone has to sell you.” John uses his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his MFA from MCAD every day, achieving beautiful and realistic wood, stone, and patterned tile effects with Concrete Craft’s proprietary thin, tough-as-nails concrete overlays. “As an artist, I am really attracted to concrete for its incredible versatility. You can color and shape it into just about anything, but it takes skill and experience to really elevate it. There’s something so satisfying about taking a surface- wherever it is, inside, outside, flat or vertical, and changing it from cracked, broken, unattractive, and uninspiring to something the client truly loves and looks forward to spending time around.”

The Concrete Craft Difference

Accentuate your spaces! See how decorative concrete stands up against alternative hardscape and flooring options. At Concrete Craft, we take pride in bringing artistry to one of the most durable, affordable, and beautiful materials on earth. For an elevated look in your home, transform your living spaces with stamped concrete, stained concrete or resurfaced concrete.

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RestoreKoat Guide

Concrete Craft provides an economical solution to restore and repair damaged concrete without demolition or replacement.

Interior Design Guide

Your options to customize your interior spaces with color, design, and realistic faux finishes are virtually limitless.

Product Catalog

Our MasterPro concrete refinishing systems for interior and exterior spaces offer options from repair and restoration to gorgeous decorative concrete finishes in stained, stamped, and resurfaced concrete.