Stained Concrete Patios

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Concrete Patio Staining

Whether you’re lounging on your own or hosting guests, you want your patio to look the part and provide elegance, comfort, and complete safety. Unfortunately, most backyard concrete patio designs are relegated to boring gray slabs. That’s where staining comes in. Staining a patio allows you to upgrade its overall look and feel, not to mention, it gives you an endless range of design possibilities to match your personal preference.

Stained Cement Patio Designs

Concrete Craft offers an extensive array of stain designs to add color and texture to your patio. Unlike paint, which produces solid, opaque colors that are subject to chip and peel, stain penetrates the concrete and offers a beautiful shine and rich tones that can mimic the look of natural stone, polished marble, and beyond. Acid-based stains react chemically with the concrete to change its color and create unique mottling effects, while water-based stains offer a smoother, more consistent look.

For patios, many homeowners choose softer earth tones. Popular color options include:

  • Tan
  • Light brown
  • Cola
  • Gray
  • English red

The Benefits of a Stained Concrete Patio

One of the biggest benefits of stained concrete is its cost. Stained concrete is a great value considering its durability and longevity. Stain can last decades while requiring minimal maintenance, as it is resistant to molding, gouging, and water damage. The stains at Concrete Craft penetrate deeply into the concrete surface to produce fade-resistant, permanent color that lasts for years to come.

Stained concrete is also a healthy choice for those suffering from asthma or allergies. Stained patio floors will not harbor dust mites and other allergens. When applied with a sealer, stained concrete prevents the growth of mold and harmful bacteria.

Our concrete stains also make maintenance a breeze. Simply sweep your patio floors or use water with a cleaner that has a neutral pH to really make your patio shine.

Why Choose Concrete Craft?

We pride ourselves on exceptional craftsmanship, the highest quality products, and superior customer service, all at a fair price to match your budget. Check out our Stained Concrete FAQ page to learn more. If you’re ready to get started upgrading your patio floors, contact us for a free consultation and estimate today.

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