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  • jack-website2

    Jack Moore

    Owner, Sales Manager

    25+ years

    With over 25 years of experience in the construction field, Jack truly is a jack of all trades. Our resident problem-solver and Civil Engineer, Jack Moore, can help you achieve any of your concrete dreams.  Prior to starting Concrete Craft of Cleveland SW, Jack devoted his time as an estimator for our sister company, JAG Lifting Solutions, a concrete leveling company. After meeting with thousands of customers, Jack found that our customers needed not only lifting and leveling of their concrete, but they needed solutions to their “ugly” concrete. Customers were looking for concrete repairs, resurfacing and so much more. Hence, Concrete Craft of Cleveland SW was formed. Whereas JAG Lifting Solutions lifts and levels sunken concrete, Concrete Craft takes it a step further and truly turns ugly concrete into a work of art.

    FAVORITE APPLICATION: Farmhouse Overlay

    The artisanship and detail that goes into each project, makes everyone do a double take.

    When not working in the shop, Jack is still in the shop working on and restoring historical vehicles. Jack is also an avid believer in spending time outside is good for the soul, whether that’s golfing, fishing, or snowmobiling, count him in. Jack also enjoys traveling with his wife Karen to support for their children's sporting events. Their daughter Alexis who attends Rhode Island University, is on the crew team and son Gavin, who attends Mount St. Mary's, is on the ruby team.

    If you are exploring options for enhancing your existing concrete space, check in with Jack jack.moore@concretecraft.com.

Our Cleveland SW Team

  • robert-website--2222222

    Robert Ford

    Lead Technician

    15+ years

    Robert's attention-to-detail and conscientious approach to each and every project makes him a perfect fit as one of our lead technicians.

    Although relatively new to concrete, Robert dives head-strong into each and every project.  Robert is excited about each project and truly makes it his own, perhaps that's due to his carpentry experience.  Before dabbling into concrete, Robert worked in the carpentry business since he was 16.

    FAVORITE APPLICATION: Hand-carved Flagstone Stone

    Although Robert is familiar with all of our applications, Robert is our go-to for all overlays, in particular hand carved stone where he can fuss over every fine detail and make it a one of kind.

    When not "tackling" a creative approach to a new application, Robert can be found on the football field coaching his son. Or in the stands cheering on his daughter.  It doesn't matter the sport, football, basketball or baseball, Robert is a true family man and supports his children in all of their endeavors. 

    Robert is a true asset to our team.

  • jeramy-website222

    Jeramy Paramore

    Lead Technician

    12+ years

    From large scale commercial projects to residential patios, Jeramy is our concrete guru and one of our Lead Technicians.  Jeramy has over 10 years of experience in concrete finishing, specializing in a wide range of finishes. Jeramy and his crew oversee all new concrete pours and offer a seasoned-veteran touch to every project. His patience and attention-to-detail are a true asset.

    FAVORITE APPLICATION:  New Concrete Pours

    Jeramy enjoys seeing the transformation from grass to concrete. He’s always willing to try new formations and colors. 

    Outside of work, Jeramy spends time with his family.

  • eric-website22222

    Eric Willis

    Lead Technician

    9+ years of Experience

    As one of our Lead Technicians, Eric doesn't miss a beat.  He's always willing to dive headfirst into a project and lend a helping hand where needed. 

    Having worked with concrete for over 9 years, Eric has fine-tuned all the basic fundamentals and has a true passion for taking boring concrete and making it look like a work of art!


    Although most days Eric and his crew are working on RenewKoat projects, he enjoys branching off for more challenging applications such as PebbleKoat.  The bigger the project the better.  His favorite project to date is a PebbleKoat driveway in Columbus, OH.  The large project required all hands on deck and a few overnight stays, allowing our crew to get to know each other a little more outside of the “office.”

    A true family man, Eric enjoys spending time with his family and friends when not at work.  He’s also a huge fan of Formula 1 racing.  

  • gavin-moore-website222

    Gavin Moore

    Lead Technician

    3 years +

    As our third Lead Technician, Gavin does a great job juggling his day-to-day responsibilities and having fun on the work sites.  His kind and hard-working disposition usually wins over the hearts of our customers. 

    Although he only has 3 years of experience with concrete, Gavin has been exposed to every application and soaked up a ton of best practices by his mentors.  Prior to joining Concrete Craft of Cleveland SW, Gavin was a technician with our sister company, JAG Lifting Solutions. 

    Although Gavin likes changing it up from day to day with a variety of different applications, he really enjoys working with polishes, stains and other smooth finish applications. He loves seeing the transformation of each project.


    To date, Gavin’s favorite project was a PebbleKoat driveway near Columbus, OH.  He enjoyed the many challenges on-site and the team effort it took to overcome them. Mostly though he enjoyed seeing the huge transformation of an ordinary driveway into looking like a completely different property.

    During the school year, you can find Gavin on the Rugby field or attending class at Mount St. Mary's University where he is pursuing a degree in business. Go Mountaineers! In the summer, you can find him still tinkering in the shop with his dad.

  • eric-schultz-website222

    Eric Schultz

    Assistant Technician

    6+ years

    From new concrete pours to running equipment to just keeping everyone stocked and organized, Eric wears many hats at Concrete Craft. Before joining our Concrete Craft team, Eric was the lead technician for our sister company, JAG Lifting Solutions.  Having lifted and level concrete for many years, Eric is familiar with what factors affect your concrete long term. In addition, Eric has experience as a landscaper as well and is very familiar with waterflow /water drainage, proper grading and key pieces that affect many homeowners when it comes to the longevity of their concrete. Also, in his earlier days, Eric helped his dad (a master carpenter) with numerous projects, so he is comfortable with odds and ends that come up on job sites.  

    FAVORITE APPLICATION: Grinding and Polishing

    Eric likes to keep busy and enjoys the steadiness and constant movement required when grinding and polishing concrete. The process of grinding requires several passes over the same space with multiple grits.  Staying true to the process and using patience, Eric gets the job done!

    When he isn’t working long hours during our busy season, Eric is wrapped up in spoiling his daughter Linda who is just starting kindergarten.

  • quinn-dendinger-website2222

    Quin Dendinger

    Assistant Technician

    8+ years

    Quin, another in-house concrete expert, assists Jeramy with many of our new concrete pours throughout the year.  His hardworking attitude and upbeat personality keep everyone moving on big projects.

    FAVORITE APPLICATION: Vertical New Pours

    Quin loves to take on new challenges on each job site. From different formations and patterns to unique finishes, Quin likes learning new things.

    When not knee deep in concrete, Quin values the time with his family and enjoys spoiling his daughter. Quin also spends his time training hunting dogs. He loves all things outdoors.

  • david-rainey-website

    David Rainey

    Assistant Technician

    3 years

    If you need a hand, Dave is your man. As an Assistant Technician, Dave is always ready to bounce from crew to crew as an extra hand on projects. We keep him busy between our two sister companies, Concrete Craft of Cleveland and JAG Lifting Solutions.  From helping with a variety of applications for our Concrete Craft crews to assisting with concrete leveling for our sister company, JAG Lifting Solutions, Dave is a great resource for our teams.


    Although he dabbles in all, Dave's favorite application to help with is RubberKoat.  You can often find him at the "mixing" station prepping everything for the crew.

    When not at work, Dave is a avid traveler. He loves to see new places and faces.  

  • david-herron-website

    David Herron

    Assistant Technician

    3 years

    As Assistant Technician, David spends most of his time on RenewKoat projects as a part of Eric’s crew.  David is always ready bounce from crew to crew as an extra hand on projects. Prior to working for Concrete Craft, David worked for our sister company, JAG Lifting Solutions.  Although quiet and reserved, this guy is always willing to help where needed.


    Having tinkered in all of the applications, David's favorite is RubberKoat.  It's probably our most unique and fun-to-apply application, it offers a variety of benefits that can't be found in concrete. Much like concrete, it's long-lasting; however, it offers non-slip properties, stain, odor and moisture resistant. 

    After hours, David enjoy spending time with his family and friends and enjoys simple construction jobs around the house.

  • chandler-roser-website222222

    Chandler Roser

    Assistant Technician

    5+ years

    With a wide range of concrete and construction experience, Chandler brings a lot of value to the team, no matter which crew he is on for the day. Don't let his quiet disposition foul you, he's constantly observing and taking everything in. Chandler is a hard worker and is always eager to lend a hand.


    Chandler enjoys the creativeness allowed during a TruStain application. The application covers imperfections in concrete and allows the technician to use the concrete as an empty canvas to create an unique look.  Between the coloring, technique and finishes, each space is personalized.

    When not at work, Chandler can be found outside tinkering with something or on an adventure with his friends.


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