Why Stained Concrete Is A Good Option To Enhance Your Home Indoors and Out

Imagine having floors that are impervious to stains, resistant to moisture, dust, and dirt buildup, and that stay clean with just a dust mop and occasional wet mopping indoors or a quick hosing off outdoors? Decorative stained concrete floors from Concrete Craft® are the go-to floors to save money, time, and energy while enhancing your home with style, color, and incredible value.

stained-decorative-concrete-interiorStained decorative concrete floors are beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain

Keeping floors clean and intact can seem like a full-time job, especially when you consider both indoor and outdoor floors:

  • Interior floors are constantly bombarded by daily life, including people tromping all over them, pets shedding and occasionally “anointing” them, food preparation and spills adding texture, A/Cs adding a subtle layer of dust, and feet tracking in outside dirt.
  • Outside floors like patios, porches, walkways, driveways, and pool decks are continually assaulted by activity, vehicles (cars, bikes, scooters), dust, dirt, wind, rain, grass stains, spider webs, and other pests.
  • Different flooring types like tile, carpet, hardwood, vinyl, concrete, and pavers can all require individual methods of cleaning to maintain, and even specialty products to deep clean and repair inevitable damage.

If you haven’t considered stained decorative concrete as an option for upgraded floors for your home, here are four reasons that make them a win/win from every angle.

The versatility of stained concrete

Our exclusive MasterPro Stain TM concrete stain choices are amazing with the infinite array of colors and special effects that can be achieved, so you’re not limited to just a few options for creating stylish floors indoors and out. Application techniques and finishes allow concrete stain (water based or acid stain) to mimic anything from polished marble to natural stone, including antiqued, variegated, mottled, multi-color, or a seamless monochromatic finish.

  • TruStain TM is a unique line of water based stain options that penetrate the concrete surface for vibrant, consistent translucent color and shine that let the character of the concrete floor show through.
  • Our concrete acid stain options react chemically with the concrete slab, creating beautiful marbled and variegated effects, especially when more than one stain color is used.

stained-concrete-floors-basementStained concrete floors are appropriate for any room in the house whether the goal is upscale glamour or playroom practicality

What new looks would you like for your floors?

  • Vibrant solid colors
  • Elegant, polished marble effect
  • Multiple-color patterns
  • Stenciled designs or borders
  • Stamped faux stone textures

The economy of stained concrete

Stained concrete floors are one of the most economical ways to upgrade both interior and exterior floors. Especially if your concrete is in good condition, stain can be applied directly to the cleaned and prepped surface. For large areas like great rooms, driveways, patios, and pool decks, you can have incredibly beautiful finishes for far less than any other flooring option. For a floor that has surface cracks, discoloration, or chips and dings from removing a previous floor covering, the surface of the old floor can be renewed with a resurfaced concrete overlay that will hide any damage and present a fresh new finish to take the stain.

decorative-stained-concrete-floorsStained concrete floors can update large rooms with modern styles while keeping your home renovation budget happy

  • Durable stained concrete will provide decades of carefree functionality, with no worry of having to replace the floor every few years like other flooring options that wear out.
  • For the look of stone or wood but without the cost, concrete overlays can be stamped with faux stone or wood plank patterns and custom-stained for a realistic look.
  • With UV protection built-in all our concrete stain products, colors will not fade or change over time, so any color is safe for indoor or outdoor use.

The durability of stained concrete

As durable as concrete is, untreated or bare concrete can be damaged from use (impact), spills (staining), erosion (moisture), and temperature (freeze/thaw). This applies to both interior floors as well as outdoor surfaces, so any concrete floor will benefit from a stained concrete finish that beautifies, seals, and protects against cracking, peeling, chipping, and fading. The resistance to moisture, mold, and mildew makes stained concrete interior floors ideal for rooms where moisture can be a problem, like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. This also makes stained concrete a perfect enhancement for outdoor patio, pool deck, or concrete driveway that are exposed to damaging weather.

patio-stained-concrete-floorA year-round covered patio with an indestructible stained concrete floor is like adding a new room to the house

  • Despite its delicate beauty, the sealed surface is industry-tough adding durability and protection to your floors to withstand lots of activity and the inevitable spills and messes of life.
  • Patio furniture, tables, potted plants, and play equipment will never mar the surface, making this patio a favorite hangout for everyone.
  • Stained concrete, with a sealer applied, cures to a compression strength of just under 5000 psi, offering great protection for driveways against damage from heavy vehicles.

The easy-care of stained concrete

We started out talking about the challenges of keeping floors clean, and the ease of maintaining stained concrete is the icing on the cake of affordability, versatility, and durability. For interior floors, a dry dust mop and occasional wet mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner is all you need to keep your floors shining and clean. Outdoor surfaces stay clean with a broom and hosing off any stubborn dirt. Stained concrete surfaces wipe clean of any spills without leaving a trace and the sealed surface repels dust and dirt build-up, moisture, bacteria, and mold growth.

stained-bathroom-concrete-floorNotorious for moisture, stained concrete floors can help keep bathrooms cleaner and dryer

  • Indoors and outdoors, the non-porous surface resists staining from spills of all kinds, from food and drink to auto fluids and chemicals.
  • Keeping dust bunnies and dirt easily whisked away makes your whole home more allergen-free for healthy living.
  • No need for harsh cleaners of any kind since nothing sticks to the sealed surface.

Concrete Staining is among  the simplest methods to beautify your indoor and outdoor concrete areas with beautiful new flooring. From staining an existing surface to resurfacing damaged concrete and replacing worn-out floor coverings, your floors can become better than new with durable, decorative concrete. Contact us today or go to www.concretecraft.com to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a free in-home or virtual* design consultation to evaluate your flooring needs and see how we can take your home to the next level of beauty, functionality, and value.

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