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Stamped Concrete Flooring in the Home

Stamped concrete is truly a wonder. Also called imprinted or patterned concrete, it’s an affordable alternative to the high cost of stone and wood plank floor designs, creating realistic textures for a fraction of the cost. As more homeowners are looking to hard-surfaced flooring options for lower maintenance requirements and allergy-free surroundings, stamped concrete interior floors deliver on style, cost, and efficiency, in the most beautiful ways possible.

Stamped Concrete Interior Floor Ideas

Stamped and stenciled wood plank

If you’ve longed for wood flooring but shied away due to cost and upkeep, stamped concrete or stenciled faux wood floor designs can give the authentic look of wood without any of the inherent problems of real wood. Customized in style and color to exactly what you want, select from trending floor styles:

  • Traditional smooth wood finishes in natural wood tones.
  • The rustic appearance with reclaimed, distressed, and barn wood in wider panels.
  • Lighter floor colors like bleached oak, ash, and “griege,” a combination of brown, gray, and beige for a modern twist on classic wood flooring.

Textured, stamped faux stone designs

If your dream floor is stone, stamped or imprinted concrete can deliver a textured faux stone finish that looks and feels like the real thing. If you love the look of weathered or aged stone for an entryway, kitchen, or basement, stained and stamped concrete can create natural-looking depth and dimension that comes with age.

  • Real stone molds create authentic faux stone designs like slate, brick, cobblestone, or flagstone.
  • The sealed surface resists dust and dirt buildup, unlike real stone or rock finishes.
  • Stamped concrete goes over existing surface, so installation goes a lot faster than setting grouted stones and tiles or laying wood planks.

Timeless tile looks to love

Custom stamped concrete can duplicate any type of tile with stencils, stamp patterns, and stain colors for an endless variety of patterns from simple one color to bold graphic designs. Replicate the look of ceramic, porcelain, travertine, and concrete tiles in finishes from high gloss shine to matte and textured.

  • No limitation to size, shape, and color of available tile at your local hardware store.
  • Any size tile can be stamped and custom stained from tiny mosaics to oversized tiles.

Never again have grout problems, the grout lines are part of the seamless, sealed floor.

Benefits of Stamped Concrete Interior Floors

Compared to other flooring materials, stamped concrete is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials available. A well-maintained and properly installed stamped concrete floor will last decades.

Stamped concrete floors also boast a quick installation time. Unlike grouted stone or tile, stamped concrete overlays are installed on top of the existing concrete floor as one continuous surface without the time-consuming placement of individual stones, tiles, or wood planks. As a result, homeowners spend less time waiting for their floor to be installed and more time creating the living space of their dreams!

Choosing decorative concrete for your in-home flooring is environmentally friendly. Concrete doesn’t deplete natural resources and, unlike other flooring materials, does not require a lot of energy to produce. Sealed, stamped concrete floors are beneficial when it comes to indoor air quality because they inhibit mold, mildew, and bacteria, and contain no potentially harmful VOCs.

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