Concrete Maintenance for Business Owners: A Guide to Longevity

Concrete, renowned for its durability, is a staple on commercial premises. While its formidable reputation is well deserved, like all materials, it requires proper maintenance to keep its aesthetics and functionality. The longevity of concrete is directly related to how well it is cared for, and by establishing a maintenance routine, you not only prolong the life of your concrete but also reduce future costs and minimize potential liabilities by keeping your premises safe.


Why is Concrete Maintenance Essential for Business Owners?

Business owners should prioritize concrete maintenance for longevity and safety. Preventing concrete damage is paramount, as well-maintained concrete can withstand the daily stressors of vehicles, foot traffic and changing weather. By reducing the number and size of repairs and extending the life of the concrete surface, you can see significant savings over the years. In addition to protecting your investment, preventing your concrete from deteriorating limits potential hazards like trips, falls and vehicle damage.


Another significant reason to maintain your concrete is curb appeal. A business owner's attention to detail is reflected in how you keep your parking lots, walkways and other surfaces. When your clients and guests see a pristine and safe exterior, it offers the perception of superior services—especially if your competition’s concrete is in less pristine condition. Maintaining concrete surfaces makes it easy to boost your overall client experience.


Common Issues for Commercial Concrete Surfaces

Concrete, despite its toughness, isn't exempt from wear and tear. The effects of sun, rain, snow and salt, along with regular foot and vehicle traffic, can gradually degrade its quality. Poor drainage can cause pooling water which infiltrates cracks. This seeping water can erode the base beneath the concrete, creating potholes. Water can also freeze and thaw during winter’s fluctuating temperatures, widening cracks and breaking the concrete.

Like all types of business property maintenance, major repairs and replacements are costly.  Addressing immediate concerns like cracking and potholes is essential to minimizing damage. Creating a maintenance schedule can ward off minor issues so they never have a chance to become big financial headaches in the first place.


Extending the Lifespan of Concrete Surfaces

If you are looking to get multiple decades from your concrete investment, the first thing to do is create a habit of regularly inspecting the concrete surfaces. Look for pooling water, small cracks and faded striping (line painting). If you find signs of deterioration, it’s time to call in the professionals. However, you don’t have to inspect on your own. You can work with a concrete installation and maintenance company to develop a consistent maintenance routine that will keep your concrete in top condition. This will give you peace of mind while saving you time and money.


The Essential Steps in Regular Concrete Maintenance

Your professional concrete partner will understand how concrete’s resilience is tied to proper maintenance. Their expertise will protect your concrete investments by ensuring external stressors are mitigated as much as possible. A typical concrete maintenance program will begin with a thorough assessment. Once inspected, immediate concrete repairs will be completed, and a proactive plan can be implemented.

Commercial concrete care typically consists of the following:


·       Regular inspections. Seasonal inspections identify problems early, preventing minor damages from escalating into significant problems.


·       Regular Cleaning. Scheduled cleanings remove dirt, debris, and chemicals like salt, oil and gasoline. This helps stave off surface degradation and prolongs the concrete’s life.


·       Concrete Sealcoating. Concrete sealing offers a protective layer for your concrete surfaces, filling tiny gaps to prevent water and dirt infiltration. Besides prolonging the concrete’s lifespan, seal coating enhances its appearance and helps protect against stains.


·       Striping and Marking. Restriping revitalizes your concrete’s appearance and ensures safety and proper traffic organization.


·       Drainage Maintenance. Preventing water accumulation is vital. Standing water can exacerbate crack formation and lead to potholes. A well-functioning drainage system will prevent rainwater and snow melt from pooling on concrete surfaces, reducing the need for concrete repair.


Our professional craftspeople can evaluate your concrete surfaces and suggest the best maintenance routines to extend the life of your investment as long as possible. Let us help you preserve your concrete for decades to come by calling 888-852-9244 or going online to today.

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