Horse Health: 3 Reasons Why Quadru-care Flooring is Superior

Western North Carolina is known for its outstanding equestrian facilities and communities, events and trails. We attract thousands every year as tourists, visitors and potential residents. Many choose to reside in this area because of the area’s established equine community. Whether you are a newer resident to this area or a long-standing member of this equine-focused community, one thing all horse owners have in common is the well-being of their animals.

Taking care of a horse’s health is a huge responsibility for every owner, and it includes providing an optimal living environment in which a horse can grow and thrive. When you think about the optimal conditions in nurturing and caring for your horse, start from the ground up. Just as humans are impacted by the surfaces they walk on so, too, are all animals. Do you have the optimal flooring in your horse barn or equestrian stables?

3 Reasons Why Rubber Flooring is Superior for Horse Health

There are several choices when it comes to choosing a flooring type, and the superiority of rubber flooring is obvious. It provides a safe, durable, sanitary and low-maintenance flooring solution that can stand up to the wear and tear of horses. Surprisingly, a local company known for creative, durable concrete floors now offers a new rubberize product to assist owners and operators of horse stables when it comes to choosing the best floor surface.

Here is why Quadru-care helps create the living environment your horse needs:

Biomechanical support

One of the key advantages is Quadru-care’s shock-absorbing properties, which help to reduce the impact on horses' joints and hooves and makes it more comfortable for them to walk and stand on. This cushioning effect of the rubber is especially beneficial for older or injured horses, as it minimizes discomfort and potential further injuries.

Additionally, Quadru-care flooring is non-slip and skid-resistant, providing horses with better traction and stability. According to the American Farriers Journal, slippery flooring is responsible for approximately 80% of all accidents involving horses in barns or stables. Horses are powerful animals, and accidents can happen if they slip, slide, or lose their balance on an unsuitable surface. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that improper flooring can cause joint and limb injuries in horses, leading to decreased performance and an average of $5,000 in veterinary costs per injury.

Traction is crucial in preventing slips and falls, which can lead to serious injuries. Other flooring options simply cannot offer the same level of grip and safety.

Hygienic surface

The University of Kentucky's Department of Animal and Food Sciences notes that cleanliness is crucial for preventing infections among horses. Quadru-care flooring makes it easier to maintain cleanliness and decrease bacterial growth, leading to healthier living conditions for horses and humans alike.

Quadru-care flooring has these properties that are beneficial in terms of horse health:

·       Antimicrobial

·       Antifungal

·       Antiparasitic

·       Antivirus

These qualities help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Additionally, the surface is non-porous, making it resistant to the growth of parasites and harmful bacteria, preventing the spread of diseases.

Furthermore, Quadru-care flooring is resistant to moisture and chemicals, which are common in equestrian settings. This resistance makes it highly resistant to mold and mildew growth, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for the horses. It is customizable and can incorporate drainage in appropriate areas.


The flooring in a horse barn should also be easy to clean and maintain. Quadru-care rubber is an incredibly low-maintenance option. Unlike other types of flooring, it does not require any special treatments or coatings to maintain its quality. It is resistant to staining, cracking, and peeling, making it easy to clean and maintain. All it needs is a simple sweep or mop to keep it looking fresh and in top condition.

Additionally, Quadru-care flooring is customizable, allowing drainage openings in the most appropriate areas. It is also durable, and will last for a lifetime, making it an investment that pays for itself.

Overall, when compared to other flooring options, poured rubber flooring stands out as the clear winner in terms of safety, comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance. Choosing Quadru-care from Concrete Craft of Flat Rock for your horse barn here in Western North Carolina is a decision that will benefit both you and your horses in the long run.

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