Stamped Concrete FAQs

There are many advantages of stamped concrete flooring including durability; unlimited design options; fade-resistant factors; and its low cost. Concrete Craft’s products are, without a doubt, beautiful, but you may have more questions about stamped concrete and the services that we offer. Check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions about stamped concrete to see if we can answer any of your questions online!

Frequently Asked Questions About Stamped Concrete

Where can I put it?
Stamped concrete can be installed in patios, pool decks, driveway, walkways, courtyards, entranceways and most residential and commercial locations.

Will the color fade?
Concrete Craft utilizes the finest pigments available, in most instances integrally coloring the entire slab. This process allows for better color longevity and minimal fading. In conjunction with our sealers, it will provide many years of low maintenance.

What are the advantages of stamped concrete over other materials?
Reduced long-term maintenance and care, increased longevity, and increased property value.

Can you prevent cracks?
We do everything possible by industry standards, to prevent cracks. This includes the proper sub-grade preparation to cutting the control joints in the correct locations. We cannot guarantee that a crack will not form over time, but the durability as compared to other alternatives is incredible.

What patterns are available?
We offer hundreds of pattern options to choose from. Our most popular pattern options include Ashlar slate, Roman texture slate, and multiple brick and wood plank patterns. Concrete Craft’s continuing development of colors and designs allows us to work hand-in-hand with our customers to create an end product that complements your surroundings.

How thick is stamped concrete?
Our standard slab is a minimum of four inches. Some situations will require us to pour six inches of concrete, and this would be discussed before the project takes place.

Can it go over existing concrete?
Yes, under certain circumstances it will require us to cap or pour over existing concrete.

Can I drive on stamped concrete?
Yes, you can drive on stamped concrete. We recommend waiting three to seven days of cure time after new concrete is placed before vehicles are allowed to drive on it.

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