Make 2016 a Memorable Leap Year with a New Decorative Concrete Driveway

Leap Year Calendar

Every four years we get a special gift of time—Leap Year. The extra 24 hours of February 29, Leap Day, synchronize the calendar year with the solar year to keep the earth spinning in perfect harmony.  Leap Year babies finally get to celebrate their REAL birthdays, and gals don’t have to wait for a marriage proposal, they can pop the question themselves!

24 extra hours…what will you do? If you don’t have a birthday or engagement to celebrate and are undecided about how to spend Leap Day and make it memorable, you can try geocaching* in Charlotte, NC, if you’re feeling especially energetic, or do something a little closer to home like…

  • Redeem the time and enhance your home’s value and appearance with a decorative concrete stained, stamped or resurfaced driveway makeover.

Rejuvenate your hard-working driveway

Before and After Driveway

It’s true that a concrete driveway takes a beating on a daily basis--vehicles going in and out, kids playing basketball and riding bikes and skateboards. And don’t forget the continuous assault by ever-changing weather, from pounding rain to freezing snow to burning sun. It’s no wonder your driveway looks distressed!

The professionals of Concrete Craft can have you leaping for joy over your new driveway in just a few days. They can refinish your driveway to hide cracks, chips, discoloration and stains with proprietary products and techniques that place our craftsmanship miles ahead of the competition!

Three processes provide unlimited design potential

Between staining, stamping and resurfacing concrete, you have unlimited design potential and endless color options. We can match existing architectural styles, surrounding hardscape designs and emulate the colors of natural woods, stone and foliage for seamless incorporation of your new decorative concrete.

One:  Stamped Concrete

Stamped Driveway

This stamped concrete driveway designed and installed by Concrete Craft of Dallas is a Roman slate pattern, in a natural gray stone color.  Unlike real stone, there are no grout lines to host unwanted weed growth or to break down, requiring re-grouting. The continuous, non-porous surface is impervious to weather, vehicle and foot traffic, and the “stones” will never shift or rise up to create an uneven surface.

Two: Stained Concrete

This stained concrete driveway and courtyard in stunning English Saddle with a contrasting dark border, creates a stately entrance to this home. The high-quality stain penetrates deep into the concrete surface for long-lasting, fade-resistant color that won’t flake or peel. This driveway will be easy-care and beautiful for years to come.

Three:  Resurfaced Concrete

Resurfaced Driveway

Resurfacing your driveway will eliminate imperfections and damage that you might think requires a slab replacement.  Before you do anything so drastic, talk to the experts at Concrete Craft and see if a decorative concrete overlay isn’t all that you need to have your driveway looking like new again. This custom-cut and multi-colored Flagstone driveway perfectly complements the home’s authentic brick and wood colors, creating an awesome presentation.

What better way to start the New Year and celebrate Leap Day than by getting a new driveway that will provide years of enjoyment and worry-free maintenance! The artisans of Concrete Craft can renew and restore any concrete surface you have, including patios, walkways, pool decks, garage floors, and interior floors like basements, kitchens and bathrooms.  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions about stamped, resurfaced and stained decorative concrete to learn more.

Call 866-813-3699 today or go online to to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a FREE estimate. Locations include Atlanta, GA; Naples, FL; Chicago, IL; Valparaiso, IN; Lexington, KY; Charlotte, NC; Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. (If there is not a Concrete Craft near you, check out the franchise opportunity of owning a Concrete Craft by clicking here.)

*Geocaching: a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt using GPS coordinates from a website, attempting to find the geocache (hidden object) at the location.

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