Have a Cozy Presidents’ Day Celebration Around Your Resurfaced Fireplace

Presidents’ Day, originally to celebrate George Washington’s birthday (February 22), has evolved as a holiday to honor all U.S. presidents, past and present. The third Monday in February as the celebratory day is the result of the 1968 Monday Holiday Law to “provide uniform annual observances of certain legal public holidays on Mondays,” creating more three-day weekends for families to enjoy. Oh, yeah!


This year, February 18 is Presidents’ Day and if you’re planning to celebrate by relaxing at home, you can warm up your long weekend with a new concrete fireplace from Concrete Craft®. If your outdated fireplace is making your family room or living room less than inviting, vertical concrete resurfacing can restore your fireplace to a thing of beauty with an authentic-looking, faux stone façades like Castle Rock, carved limestone, Mountain Dry Stack, sandstone, English cobblestone and more. In fact, Concrete Craft co-founder Dan Lightner declares, “If you’ve seen a piece of rock out there, we can duplicate it.”

Ways to enhance your fireplace with faux stone vertical resurfacing

A small fireplace becomes much more impressive with a faux stone surround that adds the substantial look of natural rock or stone. From fireplace surrounds to floor-to-ceiling treatments, your fireplace can become an attention-grabbing element in your home, setting the tone for cozy evenings around the fire listening to music, playing games, roasting marshmallows with the kids, reading, or just watching the hypnotic flames dance as you completely relax.


For a grander display, go for a wall of stone to really transform your fireplace.  Real stone would have been prohibitive for this fireplace due to cost and the excessive weight of real stone. But with a vertical resurfaced concrete overlay, you can have the look of real stone for a fraction of the cost and weight-bearing issues are not a concern. Additionally, our hand-carved and custom-colored faux stone finishes take less time and are less mess and inconvenience to install versus real grouted stone.


Maybe you’re still sort of happy with your fireplace but crave a slightly new look. Even a small infusion of stone can make a big difference. This wood fireplace was transformed with a faux stone insert that brings interesting texture to the fireplace and gives it a more modern appearance. The columns and mantle become a frame for the enhanced stone fireplace, creating a more elegant and sophisticated focal point in the room.


This before-and-after comparison leaves no doubt what vertical resurfacing can do for your outdated fireplace! The warmth and irresistibility of stone will make hanging around the fireplace a favorite family pastime, especially when winter temperatures make it too cold to play outside during the day and dark, cold evenings drive people indoors.


Other benefits of vertical resurfacing with Concrete Craft include:

  • An exclusive fiber-enriched overlay mix that creates a realistic stone surface with the look and feel of natural stone.
  • Custom, hand-crafted concrete can mimic any natural rock, with a more consistent color overall.
  • The size and shape of stones can be adjusted to fit any unique space, shape, or dimension of the wall, including around corners and into narrow spaces.
  • The sealed, continuous surface of the faux stone keeps your fireplace cleaner because it resists dust and dirt, and soot will easily wipe away.
  • A new, faux stone finish can be applied over brick, drywall, plaster, and wood.
  • A two-year warranty* on all our work.

Thoughts on Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day is a time to reflect on our country’s history and be thankful that we have the opportunity of living free and determining our own destinies. So, enjoy the Presidents’ Day sales and celebrations and make your home your own personal haven of comfort. You may want to read George Washington’s Farewell Address that has been read in its entirety, in the Senate, every year since 1896.

Another interesting point of history: young George Washington never did cut down a cherry tree and confess to his father, “I cannot tell a lie.” He will, however, be forever associated with cherries and impeccable honesty and integrity. In honor of this oft-quoted myth, here are two cherry recipes to enjoy over the long weekend in front of your new fireplace with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

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