Four Important Reasons Not to DIY Decorative Concrete

There’s no doubt that a well-done DIY project can create a feeling of euphoria--the pride of accomplishment and supreme satisfaction. But part of being a really successful DIY homeowner is knowing your limitations and calling in a professional when the job warrants it. Such as decorative concrete floors, including stained concrete, stamped concrete (also called patterned or imprinted concrete), and resurfaced concrete overlays that are best left to the professionals at Concrete Craft®.

concrete disaster Avid DIYers, both men and women, agree that there are certain considerations to take into account before tackling a completely new or complicated home improvement or repair project. There is no shame in saying, “I’ll let the professionals get this one.”

  • Level of difficulty: you don’t want to experiment on an important or really big project
  • Mistakes could be costly: if you have to call in someone to fix your mess, you end up paying twice
  • A poorly executed job could reduce your home’s value
  • Need a permit … that can be a whole new world
  • Specialized tools can cost hundreds of dollars
  • Weigh the economics of time and cost: how long will it take you vs. a professional
  • There’s no warranty on work you perform yourself
  • Level of danger: if it could main or injure you, don’t DIY

In addition to the considerations above, here are four important reasons to call in the professionals when your concrete floors need some TLC or a complete makeover. With Concrete Craft, you’re assured the result you want, which is a beautiful, durable new floor.

Decorative concrete is an art

This basement floor is a hand-cut and custom-colored Ashlar slate pattern that requires a high degree of skill to install. No amount of YouTube “how-to” viewing can replace years of actual application and color experience. Most jobs look easy when you watch the professionals, but it’s their expertise that makes it look easy whether it’s baking gourmet cupcakes or laying a decorative concrete floor. An untrained individual will not be equal to the professional and the end result will show it. 

interior stamped concrete At Concrete Craft, we consider ourselves craftspeople who bring artistry to the world of concrete. Proprietary products and techniques place us out in front of the competition, with innovative and custom designs and colors to satisfy any interior or exterior design dreams. We can replicate the look of flagstone, cobblestone, Roman Texture slate, brick, tile, natural stone, wood plank, and more, with a precision that produces authentic-looking results.

Preparation is crucial to a successful outcome

Unless a concrete slab is brand new, it will show evidence of wear, including stains, chips, cracks, residue of previous sealers or coverings and ground-in dirt. Additionally, evaluating the composition of the concrete and picking the right stain will put most DIYers out of their league. It definitely takes more than just a power washer to prep the surface for an effective concrete stain or a new concrete overlay.

wrap porch Concrete Craft professionals have the proper knowledge and equipment to ensure that the existing surface will be properly prepped so the concrete overlay and stains will bond with the surface for permanent adhesion and not fade, chip or peel over time. This hand-cut and custom-colored flagstone patio will give years of carefree enjoyment.

Professional-strength products are superior to home store kits

Concrete Craft Resurfacing Mixes are scientifically enhanced with a rheological agent that makes the product mix react more efficiently to eliminate problems of mixing consistency, creating a stronger final product. Superior performance-grade polymers help make up a mix that produces a smoother, more consistent long-lasting bond, with high-grade mined sand for a tighter mix and less granular look.

Blue stain With over 12 years of testing, our proven mixes are formulated to require lower water-to-cement ratios, creating a better internal curing blanket for maximum strength and hardness. Our manufacturing process controls the quality of our Resurfacing Mixes from testing to producing in our labs and factories, using strict quality control measures. When compared side by side, the quality is simply better than anything available on the market, especially in DIY flooring kits.

No mess and fuss with a job quickly done

Refinishing a floor is a big task and if you work and raise a family, the project could drag out for weeks by grabbing a few hours here and a weekend there.  Factor in Murphy’s Law—if anything can go wrong, it will—and your simple DIY project could take on mammoth proportions. Plus, you’ll be out that living space for as long as it takes to get the job done and if it’s the kitchen floor … watch out!

With Concrete Craft your new floor will be completed in a matter of days, including interior floors, patios, driveways, walkways and entryway porches. You’ll be walking, driving and playing on your new floor in less time than it would take to learn all the steps, purchase tools and product, watch a dozen videos and work up the courage to install the floor yourself. As you can see from the floor below by Concrete Craft of Dallas, we even leave the job site clean so you don’t have debris to haul away. Just doesn’t get better than that!

During and After So save your DIY fervor for less ambitious projects and let the experts at Concrete Craft restore your floors with professionally installed stained, stamped and resurfaced concrete overlays for beautiful results. Call 866-813-3699 today or go online to to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a FREE estimate. We are the experts with decorative concrete overlays for interior and exterior floors, including patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks, as well as vertical concrete resurfacing for walls, fireplace fronts, entryways, retaining walls and more. We give exceptional quality and workmanship, with a two-year warranty* on all our work.

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