Entryway Design Tips to Boost Your Homes Curb Appeal

Entryway Design Tips To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As the seasons change from summer to fall, it’s a good time to evaluate your entryway, walkways, and front porch to see how they’ve stood up to last winter’s cold, rainy spring, and the long hot summer. If your entryway is sad, drab, or lacking personality, Concrete Craft® can help boost your home’s curb appeal with decorative concrete enhancements and design tips that will transform your home so you’re ready to welcome the holidays in style!

Vertical faux stone siding and a stamped concrete walkway gave a very stylish facelift to this entryway

Have a walkway of distinction

Gray concrete walkways are so common that sometimes we don’t pay attention to how they look. And while that may be the norm, it’s not necessarily supportive of an attractive entryway. Decorative stamped concretefinishes in faux stone and wood can turn your walkways and sidewalks into an integral part of your home’s appeal. If your entryway concrete is damaged, discolored, and cracked, a new decorative concrete finish of stained concrete or resurfaced and stamped concrete overlays for steps, walkways, and the front porch gives a whole new look to your home and property.

Gorgeous entryways start with a firm foundation of durable, easy-care decorative concrete

  • Choose custom concrete stains to perfectly match the exterior of your home.
  • Layer on texture and color at your front door with colorful welcome mats.
  • The sealed surface will not crack or peel and is resistant to moisture, stains, and dirt buildup so your entryway stays cleaner with very little effort.

Statement-making stone enhancements

Vertical concrete resurfacing can do for walls what concrete overlays do for floors. Add the elegance of stone to your entryway with faux stone designs that can be applied over wood, drywall, stucco, brick, and concrete without the weight-bearing issues of real rock and stone. Do a section of siding or resurface porch railings, pillars, and posts with realistic faux stone façades that bring the beauty of stone textures and colors to your home, adding style and personality.

Revive worn-out vertical surfaces with durable decorative concrete finishes with fade-resistant, integral colors that won’t chip, stain, or peel

  • Our proprietary polymer overlays make 100% contact with the surface, ensuring years of worry-free performance.
  • Never a concern about sufficient size or color of stone you need, the design is created onsite and customized to exactly what you need.
  • Enjoy the look of authentic stone for a fraction of the cost of real rock and stone.

Weekend cosmetic upgrades

Refreshing your existing entryway may be all you need to do in order to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. Weather and time take a toll on outdoor surfaces like paint and wood finishes and a quick refresh can make a big difference. How many of these weekend cosmetic fixes would make a big impact on your home’s appearance?

  • Power-wash the exterior of the house to remove dust, cobwebs, and dirt buildup.
  • Put up easy-to-read decorative house numbers.
  • Get a unique, stylish mailbox in black or bronze with metallic trim.
  • Paint the front door an inviting color or refresh a wood finish; add new hardware.
  • Paint railings, trim, and shutters.
  • Replace worn-out patio furniture and welcome mats.
  • Add decorative flowerpots, window boxes, and hanging plants.
  • Add a roof or awning over the front door.
  • Implement new outdoor lighting (more on this below).

upgrade-front-concrete-entrywayA good sprucing up may be all your entryway needs to be awesome again

Tame the jungle in the front yard

Overgrown gardens and a scraggly lawn can give the impression of a poorly maintained home. Keeping the grass mowed and manicured, bushes trimmed back from the walkways, and gardens weeded make for more inviting curb appeal. Eliminate crowded flower beds by removing annuals that have finished the course and trim perennials back when their blooming season has passed.

This stamped concrete Roman slate driveway and neatly trimmed gardens create an uncluttered, welcoming entryway

  • Reseed bare grass patches and dig out any intruding weeds.
  • Define garden areas with edging such as stones, pavers, and bricks for a more polished look.
  • For a low-maintenance yard, design gardens with native plants that thrive in your area.

Increase outdoor lighting for beauty and safety

Daylight fades earlier in fall and winter so increasing lighting in your entryway will ensure safe passage for everyone. If you have a porch and steps, it’s especially important to be well-lighted to prevent accidents. If your outdoor light fixtures are old, outdated, or don’t work, check out new styles at your local home improvement store for light fixtures you like that are more in tune with your current décor diva. Motion-sensor lights add a degree of security and give additional illumination when needed.

  • Upgrade lighting with wall sconces, pendants, solar lights, and lanterns.
  • It’s easy to overlook but be sure to replace lightbulbs as soon as they burn out.
  • Solar-powered lights don’t require electricity to light walkways and up-light trees and landscaping.

home-entryway-lightingEntryway lighting can showcase your home after dark while providing safety

Stay current with seasonal decorations

This is the totally fun part and sort of the icing on the cake! By changing up décor items for the seasons and holidays, you’ll always have something new to see in your entryway. Each season or holiday has traditional trappings that lend themselves to creative expression in your own space. Find what speaks to you about the holidays and create decorations that reflect your personality whether sophisticated, funny, fanciful, or outrageous and you’ll have attention-grabbing curb appeal all year long!

Rolling with the seasons lets you be creative with color and design that appeals to you

  • Wreaths for every season can be an ever-changing focal point for your front door.
  • Add festive lights to potted plants and strings of lights around windows and doors.
  • Decorative cushions for outdoor chairs or benches add color and comfort.

Once your entryway is grounded with a firm foundation of beautiful, easy-care decorative concrete, keeping your home’s curb appeal at a high level is assured. Follow the tips we’ve given, and you’ll never have an unattractive entryway for any season, holiday, or event. Call 888-852-9244 today or go online to www.concretecraft.com to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a free in-home or virtual* consultation. Show some love and your home will reward you with beauty and satisfaction.

*Virtual consultations may not be available at every location

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