Create Super Bowl Central In Your Basement

If you want to host a memorable Super Bowl party, why not use your basement? If your basement isn’t up to living standards, Concrete Craft® can help you transform it into a functional living space. Starting with a durable, beautiful decorative concrete floor, in stained, stamped, or resurfaced concrete, your basement will be ready for anything!


Your basement is more useful than you know

Some basements equal the square footage of a home’s first floor, which is amazing, but the average basement size ranges from 600 to 900 square feet. Before you discount that as too small for any real impact, realize that in the popular tiny home movement, entire dwellings are those sizes and smaller! Carefully planned space can accommodate a laundry room as well as storage and living space for a Man Cave or game room, perfect for that Super Bowl party. First step … a durable decorative concrete floor from Concrete Craft.


Even if your basement floor is cracked and unsightly, the surface can be repaired, a moisture barrier applied if dampness is an issue, and a concrete overlay installed to create a fresh, new surface that can be custom stained, stamped, or hand-cut to exactly the look you want. You’ll have the most durable floor possible, very easy care and resistant to moisture, stains, peeling, or cracking.

  • Stained concrete is the most economical finish for concrete floors and can mimic beautiful polished marble and natural stone. Stain lets the character of the concrete show through, so for a floor in good condition, staining may be all you need. For an imperfect floor, a concrete overlay can repair damage and present a fresh surface for a new stained finish.
  • Stamped concrete uses rubber stamps of “real stone” molds pressed into a concrete overlay to replicate the look of brick, slate, cobblestone, and tile. Stamped wood plank designs can create from smooth, traditional wood to rough and rustic reclaimed wood for any style.
  • Resurfaced concrete involves a concrete overlay that is hand-cut and custom-colored to give the authentic look of flagstone, Ashlar slate, Roman slate, and more. Each stone is individually cut and colored for a natural look.

A tricked-out basement for Super Bowl

Along with a new floor, your basement may need insulation, drywall, and paint to make the room truly party-worthy. Additionally, lighting, temperature, and sound control are considerations as well. But the goal is a special refuge where the rules of house décor and decorum don't have to apply, so creating a snug, fun space is well worth the effort. Install lighting so there are no dark corners and make sure you have adequate electrical wiring and wireless network access so that big-screen TV doesn’t fail in the middle of the game.


Decorate to your heart’s content with colors and décor you love and, for game day, here are some tips to make your Super Bowl party memorable:

  • Have a big-screen TV, or two, for easy viewing.
  • A few extra chairs along with recliners and couches ensure there’s enough seating for everyone.
  • Decorate with your team’s colors and sports memorabilia. Have washable face paint in the teams’ colors to take the fun … and photos … to a whole new level.
  • Fully stock the bar or set up coolers of ice for beer, sodas, and water, with cups for lemonade, tea, wine, and spirits.
  • Use disposable and unbreakable trays, cups, and dishes and invest in lots of napkins.
  • If there’s no central heating or cooling, have space heaters and fans to keep the space comfortable.

Feed your guests well with all the Super Bowl favorites

Super Bowl parties are synonymous with mountains of junk food incorporating the three main food groups: cheese, bacon, and wings. But a discriminating host will serve up a variety of delicious and nutritious appetizers, main dishes, and sweet treats. Not everyone is a meat eater and having a selection of vegetarian choices will be appreciated. If you opt for an all-appetizers party, make sure you have enough to keep the platters full all day. It’s amazing how much food can be consumed just grazing and you don’t want to end up having to pacify crazed and hungry fans.



Meal Dishes:


You’ll love your Super Bowl basement all year long

Once you’ve got your new basement, you’ll wonder how you got along without it for so long! Although a great catalyst, the Super Bowl is just one use for your basement, you’ll discover that the expanded living space will delight the family all year long. Your home will feel bigger and having a dedicated game or media room will serve for personal space, entertaining, a guest room on occasion, and a get-away for weary parents or rambunctious kids. Contact us today or go online to to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a free design consultation and see what you can do to make your basement as stylish and beautiful as the rest of your home. For a fresh perspective on all your interior floors, check out our digital Interior Design Guide and see what beauty awaits with decorative concrete. 

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