Add New Life To Your Driveway Through Concrete Restoration

The driveway is a huge part of your home’s appearance and a concrete driveway gone bad can cause a lot of stress.

  • Will it last another winter?
  • Is it so bad we need to replace it?
  • How much will a new driveway cost?

All of these stress points can be reduced or eliminated by calling Concrete Craft® and discovering for yourself the many ways a concrete driveway can be repaired and restored. There is more to concrete driveway repair than the extreme measure of tearing it out and replacing it.

concrete-decorative-stamped-cobblestoneTake a well-used driveway from disgraceful to dynamic with a stamped concrete resurfaced overlay in a cobblestone pattern

Why concrete driveways go bad

Concrete is undoubtedly the most durable driveway you can have, but even good old reliable concrete will eventually show wear. Especially if it’s au ‘natural—a bare, untreated surface. The natural porosity of concrete makes it susceptible to many factors, like moisture and temperature. There are a surprising number of things that contribute to concrete going bad:

  • Untreated concrete absorbs water and stains from anything that touches the surface, including mud, soggy decomposing leaves, rust from metal, auto fluids, tire marks, cleaning products, paint, and food and drink spills.
  • Normal wear and tear from heavy vehicles can create uneven spots and wear away the surface by sheer weight and ground-in dirt and gravel.
  • Concrete cleaners that remove spots can also bleach out sections to be lighter than the rest of the concrete.
  • Heavy rains can erode concrete slabs and ruin the surface with cracks, chips, and exposed aggregate.
  • Moisture promotes the growth of mold and mildew on concrete that never gets to dry out.
  • Old concrete finishes can wear away, leaving a dull, scaly appearance.
  • Repeated freeze/thaw cycles cause cracks from the concrete contracting and expanding.
  • Salt and chemical deicing products can destroy the surface of a concrete driveway and weaken its structure.
  • In snow country, shovels, pushers, and rakes can scratch and chip the surface of concrete when removing snow and ice.

concrete-repair-restore-drivewayBanish driveway anguish with Concrete Craft’s unique repair and restore products that save your existing driveway, no matter how bad it looks

Concrete repair is not a myth

It’s old-school thinking that demolition and replacement of damaged concrete is the only viable option when faced with an ugly, damaged concrete driveway. The decorative concrete industry has evolved to include technologically advanced processes that make concrete repair and restoration available to homeowners and business owners alike. Our exclusive MasterPro Repair and Restore™ products are designed specifically to extend the life of your concrete for a long, long time. You’ll be amazed at the results that can be achieved to rescue bad concrete with overlay systems that repair and restore a damaged driveway to a beautiful surface in a matter of days instead of weeks. You do have affordable options for concrete restoration that don’t involve demolition and replacement:

  • Resurfacing concrete overlays are the perfect solution for concrete that has minor surface damage, imperfections, and discoloration. The decorative concrete overlay hides the damage, giving a fresh concrete surface for stained concrete, stamped concrete, or hand-carved faux finishes that look like natural stone, rock, and wood.
  • RenewKoat by Concrete Craft™ transforms a dull, faded textured or patterned concrete finish in good condition with a cementitious overlay that rolls on like paint to restore shine, color, and texture in one application, making concrete surfaces look like new, with exceptional durability.
  • Concrete Craft Color RestoreTM System is a non-hazardous, ultra-low VOC, water-based stain that penetrates the surface of concrete for the superior look of colored concrete with a durable finish that doesn’t require a sealer.
  • TrafficKoat by Concrete CraftTM is a water-based stain/seal system to hide minor imperfections and rejuvenate colored surfaces or plain concrete with a solid opaque color and a consistent natural finish.
  • PebbleKoat by Concrete CraftTM offers concrete repair for a driveway with serious cracks, uneven surfaces, and a damaged finish with a non-epoxy-based real stone river rock concrete overlay that can fill cracks, cover damage, and even out irregular surface heights in one application.
  • QuartzKoat by Concrete CraftTM is an industrial-grade restorative overlay in six standard colors that covers compromised concrete surfaces and gives the smooth look of new concrete.
  • AggreKoat System by Concrete CraftTM gives the superlative look of a small aggregate textured finish in a spray-applied coating that goes on in thin layers of colors for depth and dimension, with a final sparkle additive sealer to give it subtle reflection. 

patterned-concrete-driveway-renewRenewKoat is a popular choice for reviving the beautiful texture of a patterned-but-worn driveway with a durable finish that won’t fail again

Repair even severe driveway damage

Since a driveway is a work surface 24/7/365 with vehicle traffic, bicycles, skateboards, basketball, people, and more, it’s not unrealistic for a driveway to finally appear hopeless. You may think your driveway is beyond an overlay system, but even a concrete driveway that has extensive damage can be repaired and restored to look just like a fresh-poured, new concrete finish. RestoreKoat by Concrete Craft™ is a heavy-duty versatile repair mortar for spall repairs, filling in cracks, and complete resurfacing when damaged concrete needs more than a little help.before-after-concrete-renew-drivewayCombining RestoreKoat with a PebbleKoat border makes this front yard look fresh and new, eliminating any evidence of the damaged driveway

  • RestoreKoat creates a permanent bond so the new surface will not fade, chip, or peel.
  • Cures in excess of 7,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) so no vehicle is ever a problem.
  • Highly resistant to freeze/thaw, salt scaling, abrasion, impact, UV fading, and oil and gas spills.
  • Economical solution with excellent long-term wears resistance. 

Find your perfect driveway repair solution

Concrete Craft can help you find the perfect solution to your driveway dilemma from our many options for concrete repair and restoration—without demolition and replacement. From refreshing a worn finish to repairing structural damage, you can customize your driveway’s new look with colors and patterns you choose, whether a faux finish look of natural stone or a real river rock overlay with PebbleKoat.faux-flagstone-decorative-concrete-overlayRaise the standards of driveway design in your neighborhood with a stamped concrete faux flagstone decorative concrete overlay

Call 888-852-9244today or go to www.concretecraft.comto find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a free in-home or virtual* design consultation to discuss the best options for adding new life to your damaged driveway. Check out more of our exclusive MasterProTM   product line for other areas where your concrete surfaces may need some TLC, including patios, walkways, interior floors, pool decks, and vertical surfaces like retaining walls and house siding. Decorative concrete can transform your home inside and out with beauty set in stone!

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