10 Stained Concrete Floor Colors and Other Ideas for Indoors

When you're renovating your home or building a new house, make sure you really consider your flooring. While you might automatically think of carpet or hardwood as options, concrete is an attractive alternative. 

You're probably picturing sleek, gray floors made of concrete and dismissing the idea. However, stained concrete floors come in a variety of colors, and you can use concrete for more than flooring in your home or basement. 


What is stained concrete? 

In the past, concrete came in a single color, industrial gray. Now, stained concrete opens up a world of colors and hues to accentuate any room in your home from your kitchen and bathrooms to the basement rec room

With stained concrete, color is introduced into the concrete mixture and as it dries, it isn't a solid color like paint. It offers much more depth and warmth than a single color, which is why you can combine stained concrete and stamped concrete designs to create the look of a hardwood floor without the expense.

You can use color, design, and special effects to create amazing looks, including:

  • Antiqued
  • Variegated
  • Mottled
  • Consistent monochromatic color
  • Marbling
  • Stenciled designs

If you want to create a unique look, an acid-based stain or a water-based acrylic provides a myriad of stunning options. Here are 10 colors and ideas to consider for your home:



Bring the natural warmth of maple into your home with the practicality of concrete. Maple-stained concrete flooring can add elegance to any room in your home. With staining, you can request special effects that mimic the look of wood grain. You'll enjoy the benefits of durability and longevity with maple stained concrete floors. 

Hardwood floors

Stamped concrete designs provide you with the chance to create the look of hardwood floors in your kitchen, living room, basement, or the entire home. Hardwood floors have become popular in recent years. However, they're expensive and need constant maintenance to ensure they don't become damaged. Stamped concrete can give you the same look without the need to worry about stains, scratches or damage from water. 


With rich red hues, auburn makes an exciting and distinct addition to any room in your home. You can have it mixed with a gray base or a white one, depending on the final look that you want. This stain color is ideal for a den or office. It offers a high-end look that's wrapped in years of tradition. This is a darker color, so you want to install it in a room that offers plenty of natural light. 

Update a fireplace

If your fireplace is looking a little lackluster, and you don't want to spend all of your savings on marble inlay, stained concrete with special effects can provide you with the look of marble. Your new fireplace won't require the same constant maintenance of marble, and it offers amazing durability and longevity. If properly cared for, your concrete fireplace can last a couple of decades. 

Dark walnut

If you're looking for a rich, dark flooring shade to contrast lighter furniture or paint colors, then dark walnut might be the perfect choice for you. It isn't quite black, but it has a deep, luxurious look. Depending on the base you choose, the finished concrete might look lighter or darker with a slightly marbled effect with the white base. 

Golden brown

Concrete that's been stained golden brown can brighten up a room with dark furniture and little natural light without creating a jarring contrast. This stain color is on the darker side, but the golden highlights help it bring a lighter feel to any room. It would be an ideal choice for a kitchen or home office with heavy, dark furnishings already in it. 

Copper brown

When you want your home to have a rich opulent feel, choosing a copper brown stain for your concrete flooring can be an excellent choice. With a look similar to mahogany, this stain is going to elevate the entire look of your home. This stain is ideal for a kitchen or bathrooms with dark cabinets or painted ones in a darker blue or gray. It's also a good choice for an entryway to make a great first impression. 


Mocha is a unique stain. If you use a white base, the final product features a dark gray and brown marbling, while using a gray base produces shades of deep brown like your morning coffee. The mocha stain makes a great addition throughout your home and in your basement. You might consider using it in a sunroom to pick up its natural beauty with natural light. 


You can use slate throughout your home since it’s a perfect neutral shade. However, you can make a statement by adding it to your bathrooms and using a stamp design to give it the appearance of upscale tile flooring. This dark gray color blends beautifully with most color schemes and design styles, making it a versatile choice when you need to replace flooring throughout your home. 

Pearl gray

Looking to lighten up a room while still using darker shades? Pear gray might be the stain color for you. This shade falls somewhere between dove gray and slate. The staining process makes the color look brighter, so it can help bring light to a room without much natural light. It also complements both light and dark furnishings, window treatments, and wall colors. 

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