10 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Concrete Installation To A Professional

Concrete installation can include everything from resurfacing an existing concrete slab with a new finish to pouring a concrete patio, driveway, or walkway. But even avid DIYers who will tackle almost anything are wary of concrete projects because concrete is unforgiving and surface defects and poor workmanship can torpedo the best intentions. Repairing or replacing a botched DIY job generally involves calling in the concrete professionals to fix things and, at this stage, it can be more expensive than calling them first!

comparison-between-professional-installationThere is no comparison between professional installation and sincere but ill-fated DIY concrete attempts

So, in all humility, the professionals at Concrete Craft® would like to offer 10 reasons why you should always trust your concrete services, including repair, restoration, stained concrete, and stamped decorative concrete finishes, to the professionals.

One:  There is no substitute for training and experience

Despite what you see on YouTube videos or hear from your local home improvement store salesman, concrete installation is a learned skill that cannot be mastered by reading how-to guides and watching video clips. No amount of online research and viewing how-to videos on YouTube can replace years of experience. When something is set in stone, like concrete, it’s best left to the professionals!

Two:  Knowledge of concrete composition is necessary

To figure out how to successfully repair, coat, or refinish existing concrete, you need to understand the composition of the concrete so you can choose the best products to use to avoid adverse chemical reactions or improper finishes that eventually chip and peel. The composition of the concrete slab itself can impact the result. Professionals have the proper knowledge and equipment to install the right concrete mix overlay as well as select and properly apply the right stain and sealer to protect the finish.

Three:  You need proper surface preparation for any product to work

A properly prepared slab allows the concrete overlay and/or concrete stain to bond with the surface for permanent adhesion and will not fade, chip, or peel. The condition of the slab may require more than just resurfacing, and specialty tools, equipment, and cleaning agents require training for safe, efficient use. Not to mention, the cost of tools and equipment you may have to buy.

knowledge-experience-expertiseKnowledge, experience, and expertise are all contributing factors to successful and beautiful decorative concrete surfaces

Four:  Professionals can anticipate problems and know how to avoid them

It’s important to repair cracks and damage in the concrete surface so the performance of an overlay treatment will not be impacted. A concrete DIY novice would not realize there is a problem until it’s too late and concrete won’t wait for you to figure it out.

Five:  Industry-grade products are not available to non-professionals

The products you’ll find in stores are not up to the level of professional-grade concrete services products. Concrete Craft’s 15 years of testing and perfecting our performance-grade resurfacing mixes had produced a superior product, with the quality of our concrete mixes better than anything else on the market when compared side by side. No crossing your fingers or wondering if the finish will “hold up” over time or in the rain.

Six:  Professionals can offer a wider range of custom design possibilities

Shopping for DIY products gives limited options to what is in the stores or online and these will be geared to an “everyman” level of expertise. Concrete Craft offers unlimited design potential with stained, stamped, and resurfaced decorative concrete products from our exclusive, industry-tough MasterProTM line.

custom-colored-hand-cut-flagstoneCustom-colored and hand-cut flagstone can transform your driveway in a matter of days

Seven:  Custom work can match any existing décor or architecture

Our artisans create custom, authentic-looking faux wood and stone finishes like marble, slate, sandstone, cobblestone, and flagstone. Since all work is done onsite and custom mixed, we can expertly match the style and color of any existing house siding or landscape architecture you want with our wide range of finish and restoration options available.

Eight:  Projects take less time with less mess

Concrete work is messy, and if you’re attempting to learn as you go, you can end up spending a lot more time than you ever anticipated. With concrete professionals, projects get completed on schedule (barring acts of nature) in a fraction of the time it would take an inexperienced DIYer. Efficient processes eliminate mess and inconvenience, and your space will be back in service very quickly.

Nine:  Guaranteed work gives peace of mind

With licensed professionals who stand behind their work, you should receive a guarantee that lets you have confidence that the project will be done right. Doing it yourself leaves you open to a disaster with no recourse whatsoever if the worst happens. You may get your $99.99 back on the product, but you’re still left with bad concrete.

Ten:  Local, small business owners have your best interests at heart

Concrete Craft local franchise business owners are dedicated to providing exceptional concrete services to the communities where they live and work. You can know the people behind the product and trust that help is just a phone call away if you should ever have a problem.

local-neighborhood-concrete-professionalsTrust your local neighborhood concrete professionals, the Concrete Craft coast-to-coast network of franchise business owners

Concrete Craft: The concrete professionals to trust

There really is no substitute for experience, and Concrete Craft® has almost two decades of experience transforming plain concrete into works of art with stained concrete, stamped concrete, and resurfaced concrete overlays for interior and exterior surfaces. Additionally, our concrete repair and restoration systems can rescue concrete gone bad without demolition and replacement.

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