Stained Concrete Walkways

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Walkway Design Ideas

Walkways are an important, but sometimes overlooked, a feature of your home. Walkways can safely guide guests around your landscapes or connect functional areas of your home with ease. Whether you’re looking to renovate your current walkways or add a new concrete walkway to complement your home’s architecture and landscaping, stained concrete allows you to add character and new depths of color to your walkways, improve safety, and enhance curb appeal.

Stained Concrete Walkway Designs

Concrete’s versatility makes it one of the most popular materials for walkway design. The problem is that standard concrete walkways can be dull and gray, taking away from your home’s ambiance. One of the simplest and quickest ways to upgrade your walkways is by applying a concrete stain. Stained concrete provides a richness in color and tone that can also mimic a wide variety of textures and designs, including natural stone and polished marble. With our MasterPro Stain™ product line and a variety of color options, the design possibilities are endless. Complement your home’s earth-tone exterior with our acid-based stains or unify your landscaping theme with our water-based stains. From simple walkway designs with a contrasting concrete stain border, to more intricate walkways with custom stenciled designs, Concrete Craft artisans will ensure your walkway ideas come to life. 

The Benefits of Stained Concrete Walkways

Cost is often the main deciding factor when choosing the type of material for a walkway. With stained concrete, you’re paying less and getting a great value. Stained concrete resists succumbing to water damage and mold. It’s also much safer than other types of stone walkways. Stained concrete is slip-resistant, preventing injuries or falls, even when the weather gets wet.

Stained concrete can last for decades, unlike other popular materials such as brick or pavers that dislodge and require constant repair. Compared to natural rock/stone options, stained concrete is easier to care for and maintain. Simply wash with water and a neutral-pH cleaner to keep your walkway looking great. Since there are no joints, there is no worry about weeds growing between the joints, and a stained concrete walkway won’t need to be resealed every 1-2 years like pavers.

Why Choose Concrete Craft? 

Concrete Craft is dedicated to superior customer service and high-quality materials. Our goal is to not only improve your walkways, patio, driveway and interior floors, but to also give you a truly beautiful piece of art, infused with our distinctive craftsmanship. 

Take a look at our FAQ page to learn more about stained concrete and what we do. If you have any direct questions for us or want to discuss stained concrete walkway ideas, feel free to contact us. If you’re ready to take your walkways to the next level, contact us for a free design consultation and estimate today!

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