Concrete Repair & Restoration

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How can we help take your concrete spaces to the next level?

Restore Your Concrete to Look Like New

Our exclusive MasterPro Repair and Restore™ products are designed specifically for concrete repair and concrete restoration that will transform your concrete to a “like-new” condition. We specialize in repairing and restoring residential concrete such as patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks that have suffered from years of exposure. Additionally, commercial spaces like warehouses, driveways, courtyards and walkways that get lots of use and abuse can be repaired and restored in a matter of days instead of weeks or months, eliminating costly downtime.  

Concrete Repair

Yes, it is possible to repair your damaged and worn concrete. Concrete Craft professionals have the proper knowledge and equipment to ensure that your existing concrete surface will be properly prepped so the repair mortar will bond with the surface for permanent adhesion and not fade, chip, or peel over time.

Benefits of Concrete Repair

Concrete Craft® RestoreKoat™ system is a versatile repair mortar, designed for use on properly prepared concrete substrates. It can be used for small repairs, complete resurfacing, large structural rebuilds, or where damaged concrete is in need of repair. The RestoreKoat™ system not only improves the appearance of aged or damaged concrete but also extends its lifespan by protecting against further deterioration, making it an excellent choice for concrete restoration.  

Economical concrete repair

No Demolition Required

No need for demolition and replacing the slab, saving you and your neighbors the inconvenience of cement trucks and demolition equipment noise. Portable tools replace cement trucks and jackhammers that are loud, messy, and can cause property cracks and damage.  

Concrete repair with quick turn around

Quick Turnaround

New concrete can take up to 30 days for a new driveway, patio or walkway to develop ultimate hardness and strength. Our proprietary repair and restoration systems can be prepped, installed, and cured, ranging from an eight-hour process to just two or three days complete.*

*Cure time depends on variables such as weather, moisture levels, and temperature

Economical concrete repair


Concrete Craft can repair and restore your existing concrete for far less than replacement. Savings include not only substantial dollar amounts, but time, inconvenience, and aggravation as well.

Extend the Life of Your Concrete

RestoreKoat™ by Concrete Craft™

Concrete is one of the most durable materials on earth, but over time, it can deteriorate to an unsightly surface of stains, cracking and spalling. It may seem that replacement is the only option for concrete gone bad, but Concrete Craft provides an economical solution to repair and restore your existing concrete surfaces without demolition and replacement.  

RestoreKoat Guide

Concrete Craft provides an economical solution to restore and repair damaged concrete without demolition or replacement.

Interior Design Guide

Your options to customize your interior spaces with color, design, and realistic faux finishes are virtually limitless.

Product Catalog

Our MasterPro concrete refinishing systems for interior and exterior spaces offer options from repair and restoration to gorgeous decorative concrete finishes in stained, stamped, and resurfaced concrete.