Enhance Any Business With Custom Decorative Concrete Floors

Commercial businesses intend to make a profit; that’s why they’re in business. And part of keeping a healthy bottom line is reducing costs, including facilities maintenance and renovation. Sometimes in the quest to conserve cash, updating business décor gets postponed year after year until, one day, you realize you still have green and gold shag carpet in the conference room.

Not only do business practices need to stay current to compete in the marketplace, but your storefront or offices should keep pace with design trends to attract customers and even employees. The Five Points South Historic District in Birmingham may be historic, but the restaurants are trendy and the galleries and nightlife spots keep pace with the times. It’s just good business.

Concrete flooring is ideal for any business because it is extremely durable, low cost, low maintenance, versatile and beautiful. For about half the cost of other flooring, including stone, tile, hardwood and carpeting, you can have stamped, stained or hand-cut and custom colored resurfaced concrete that can replicate most other products.

Business Entryway With Stained Flooring

First impressions are important and the entryway should be inviting to customers. Don’t settle for discolored and worn concrete in front of your store or business. Greet your guests with a resurfaced concrete overlay with a simple broom-swept finish as pictured, an elaborate stamped medallion or branded company logo, or realistic stone designs like flagstone or cobblestone. Concrete Craft® can help you upgrade your image with custom decorative concrete to set your business above the competition.

Renovate Your Store With Concrete Floors

Frozen yogurt is a favorite taste treat--until it lands on the floor. Keeping any food service business clean and safe for customers is a challenge, and a stained, stamped or resurfaced concrete floor is the answer. Concrete floors are practically indestructible, resisting stains, spills, chips, cracks, peeling and fading. Your floor will stay beautiful for years with minimal care and maintenance and your customers will give you great reviews on Yelp for such a clean, inviting place to go.

New Concrete Flooring in the Office

It’s not unusual for offices to have stretched and lumpy carpeting and you know how disheartening it is to come to work and stare at the same coffee stains every day. Give yourself and your employees a positive lift with new concrete floors that reflect beauty and style. Stained concrete can shine like marble or replicate real stone, brick or tile designs. Resurfaced concrete overlays can be the last floor you ever install in your business, saving substantial maintenance and renovation costs over the years.

 Apartment Kitchen with Concrete Flooring

Apartment and condo owners can save themselves lots of headaches with stained concrete floors. No need to replace the floor covering every few years or after an especially messy tenant. Concrete floors are durable and resistant to stains, surface scratches, fading and peeling. Going from tenant to tenant will be easier and less expensive when floor replacement is not an issue, and the savings to your bottom line will be dramatic. Plus, tenants will love the easy care of concrete floors and the fact that they don’t have to worry about damaging them with everyday use.

 Concrete Flooring in a Restaruant

This eclectic restaurant is a joy to behold and the stained concrete floor reflects all the excitement of a riot of colors! Custom colored to match the vibrant décor, the floor colors will not fade, chip or peel. With concrete floors, you have unlimited design potential for whatever ambiance you want to create. For inside and outside floors and walkways you can choose flagstone, cobblestone, brick, tile, hand-cut limestone, and more, so dining with you is a memorable experience. 

New flooring in the bar

The floor of any neighborhood bar can take quite a beating with rowdy crowds on game days and regulars who come in every day to eat, drink and be merry where everybody knows their name. A comfortable atmosphere is always welcomed, but you don’t want the floor to start looking “lived in.”  A concrete floor in warm tones will add the element of hominess and the tough finish will keep it looking beautiful and neat. Cleaning up be quick and easy once the “Closed” sign goes up. A quick sweep and damp mop sends you on your way home.

New Gym Flooring

A concrete floor is ideal for a gym or workout room because the floor is tough enough to handle the heavy exercise equipment. Even with people running on treadmills and pounding the floor, resurfaced, stamped or stained concrete won’t be damaged. Spilled water bottles or energy drinks are no problem because the surface wipes clean, resisting moisture and stains. Concrete floors are safe around hot tubs as well as in the shower s and dressing rooms, keeping the whole facility healthy and hygienic.

Salon and Spa Commercial Flooring

Beauty salons and spas are notorious for messy floors due to hair clippings, chemicals and product spills. This salon floor not only looks classy with its high sheen, but its continuous, non-porous surface resists moisture, spills, stains and heavy foot traffic. The sealed finish makes clean up easy with a dust mop or Swiffer, as well as inhibiting mold or mildew around the shampoo bowls where water spills are common.

Outdoor Balcany Stained Concrete

Hotels and apartment complexes can benefit from the functionality and durability of concrete floors for patios and communal areas where people congregate for fun and fellowship. Sealed decorative concrete, whether stained, stamped or hand-carved designs, can withstand all kinds of weather without deterioration. Patio furniture groupings for brunches and casual get togethers, lounge chairs for sunning and open areas for games and dances won’t mar the surface either. You could even have a shuffleboard court stenciled and stained into the concrete as a permanent entertainment fixture. Decorative concrete can revolutionize all your patios, walkways, and pool decks with lasting beauty.

Outdoor Fireplace On a Patio

If your business is flipping houses, upgrading the patio, driveway or pool deck with a new concrete overlay in a stained, stamped or hand-carved concrete design is a quick way to increase the curb appeal and add tremendous value to a home. This wood plank pattern gives a high-end look to the patio and can become a strong selling point, distinguishing your property from others in the area. (New concrete floors could become your trademark.) John Kostro, President and Co-founder of Concrete Craft recently stated, “According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, patios were among the top 10 features that buyers want in a new house. More than half of surveyed buyers said that they would be willing to pay a premium for a house with a patio.”

Vertical Concrete Walls

Vertical stone work is a desirable architectural element for both commercial and residential properties, adding natural beauty. Authentic looking faux stone is available with vertical concrete resurfacing, giving a new façade to entryways, backsplashes, storefronts, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, chimneys, interior walls, retaining and exterior privacy walls. One of the newest trends in decorative concrete, stamped and hand-carved vertical overlays provide the look of real rock and stone for a fraction of the cost of real stone masonry. You can wrap your surroundings in faux Orchard stone, Mountain Drystack, English cobblestone, Castle Rock, hand-carved limestone and more, making a unique style statement for your home or business.

Don’t delay. Call today to get a free estimate from Concrete Craft to upgrade the interior and exterior floors and walls of your business with beautiful, decorative concrete overlays. Call 866-813-3699 or go online to www.concretecraft.com to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you. We also transform patios, driveways, entryways, walkways, pool decks, garages and basements for homeowners. Concrete Craft is all you need to know about custom decorative concete.

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